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  Spiritual Direction

Are you longing for spiritual companionship? Do you want more quiet, reflective
space in your life to notice God’s presence? Do you want to slow down and
experience the holy? If so, I invite you to consider spiritual direction.

Spiritual direction is a one-on-one conversation that takes place once a month. It is a
time set aside for the director and directee to pray, pay attention to God’s
movements in the directee’s life, and explore God’s possible invitations. The goal of
direction is to help directees become more present to their own spiritual journeys
and unique design and ultimately grow in their relationship with God.

Some ask if they need any special qualifications to meet with a director. No! I
welcome people at any stage of their faith journey, whether they are new to faith, far
along the road or in a place of doubts and questions. Although I am a Christian, I
welcome those of other faiths or no faith who seek to explore what spirituality means
to them.


Direction is offered on a sliding scale from $25 to $60 per session. The first session is free. E-mail Allison with any questions.

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