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The Evangelical Covenant Church (ECC) is a multi-ethnic denomination with more than 800 congregations in the United States and Canada with ministries on five continents. Founded in 1885 by Swedish Lutheran immigrants, the church is now one of the most rapidly growing and diverse denominations in North America.

Our roots are in historical Christianity as it emerged in the Protestant Reformation, biblical instruction of the Lutheran State Church of Sweden, and great spiritual awakenings of the nineteenth century. These three influences have in large measure shaped its development and distinctive spirit.

The Covenant Church adheres to the Protestant Reformation regarding the Holy Scriptures, the Old and the New Testament, as the Word of God and the only perfect rule for faith, doctrine, and conduct. The principle of personal freedom esteemed by the Covenant is to be distinguished from the individualism that disregards the centrality of the Word of God and the mutual responsibilities and disciplines of the spiritual community.

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