We believe Sunday worship is not so much about our entertainment, but God's glory and the formation of our lives to Christ and his Kingdom. Through musical worship, reading of scripture, receiving of communion, preaching God’s Word and prayer, we embody the great story of God's mission to rescue and restore His world.


We love children, youth and families and invite them to participate in all aspects of worship and community life.  Children and youth are welcomed to participate in our service of worship. Following our time of singing, communion and children’s blessing, kids ages 0-11 are invited to age-appropriate classes. They will gather with their teachers in the narthex and will then be led to their classes. At the close of the service, parents can pick up their children in the church courtyard. Babies and caregivers are invited to make use of our nursery upstairs. Families are also welcomed to keep their children in the entire service if preferred.  


Jesus welcomed children with joy and by his example, we do the same. Each Sunday children come forward as a group to receive a simple lesson and blessing before being invited to their age-appropriate classes. 


Our service begins with musical worship. At Berkeley Covenant church you will find contemporary songs of worship as well as hymns. 


Every Sunday, God's Word is read by members of the congregation. We believe that God's Word is living and active. Each Sunday, our pastor will preach a sermon the reading. 



We join in corporate prayer the 1st Sunday of every month, asking God's continued mercy in our lives and in our world. 


Every Sunday we celebrate communion together. Also called the Eucharist or the Lord's Supper, this meal is a means by which we experience the presence and grace of Jesus Christ in a unique way. God uses it to draw us closer together, closer to Himself, and closer to the truth of the gospel. Therefore, while all Christians baptized in the name of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit are welcome to share this meal, we ask that non-Christians do not participate. The reason is simple: we would never want to encourage anyone to profess outwardly something they do not believe inwardly.